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Voice Bot

Unleash the Customer Service Potential of Sawal AI Voice Bot for Your Business

Engage customers in natural, human-like conversations, making them feel comfortable and at ease when raising queries via calls. Elevate sales by using the Sawal AI Voice Bot to provide exceptional customer experiences and effectively convert leads.

Leverage our GPT driven Voice Bot to achieve use cases from answering prospective queries to
pre-sales queries to customer support

24/7 Assistance

Our AI-powered chatbot is available round the clock to assist voice of customers with product inquiries and policies, freeing up your team for strategic tasks.

Prospect Conversion

Convert prospects to loyal buyers as our chatbot understands their preferences and suggests exact products, creating a seamless customer engagement and shopping experience.

Post-Sale Support

Our chatbot ensures customers feel valued during sales and after sales service, fostering loyalty and retention.

Why Choose Custom Sawal AI Voice Bot for a Seamless Customer Support Strategy?

Simple and easy to setup

Simple and easy to setup

Accurate answers

Accurate answers

Generate More Leads

Generate More Leads

Provide 24×7 Support

Provide 24×7 Support

Reduce Ops Costs

Reduce Ops Costs

Omnichannel Integrations

Omnichannel Integrations

Transform Your Business With Custom Voice Bot

Instant Call Responses

Our Voice Bot ensures efficient and effective customer support by swiftly addressing consumer calls and seamlessly transfer complex inquiries to online agents.

Analyze Customer Conversations

Learn from the data generated by conversations between your customers and Voice Bot. Get reports on all chats to track bot and agent performances and understand customer behaviour.

Multifaceted Inputs

Utilize a range of sources, including files, documents, and web content through crawling or sitemaps, to create sophisticated Voice Bots.

Empower Multichannel Support

SawalAI’s Voice Bots enable customers to express themselves authentically across various channels. Whether it’s Shopify stores, e-commerce websites, or Slack, our Voice AI ensures seamless communication.

Quick Setup

With our user-friendly interface, you can create Voice Bots in minutes. Plus, take advantage of our pre-built integrations to swiftly launch your solution in the market.

  • Why should I use website chatbot?
    Website Chatbots improve website visitor experiences across the entire buying process. During pre-sales, they engage with personalized messages, qualify prospects, and drive conversions. Post-sale, they extend customer service by assisting visitors, suggesting products, and handling minor issues, allowing your team to prioritize critical tasks.
  • What are the use cases of Slack Chatbot?
    Slack chatbots serve as HR, IT, and policy assistants, streamlining workplace interactions. They automate responses, offer guidance, and enhance productivity. These bots provide quick, reliable support for common organizational queries. In essence, they’re digital helpers, improving efficiency in Slack workspaces.
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    Yes. If at any point you're not satisfied with our product or service, you can cancel your subscription and get a refund based on our company refund policy.
  • How can I customize my plan?
    Not to worry, our plans are flexible and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
  • Where can I find your terms of service and privacy policy?
    Please refer to the following links for our terms of service and privacy policy.
  • More Questions ?
    You can reach out to our support team. We are here to help.


Increase your sales by integrating with the Sawal AI WhatsApp chatbot. Tap into the convenience and widespread popularity of WhatsApp to boost customer engagement and enhance the shopping experience.

Shopify Store

Engage every visitor of your Shopify Store with Sawal AI chatbots! Deliver timely and reliable customer service at scale, leaving smiles on their faces. Boost website engagement and drive sales by integrating an AI chatbot.

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